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We are into the business with experienced professionals who are more than 15 years in the real estate market. Our executives are excellent in delivering good service, and they are committed to providing what exactly the customer needs. Many of them also have significant corporate experience and serve on corporate boards.

The main purpose of Roof360 estate and properties is to offer you a wide choice of shelter options through well experienced professionals. Our goal is to provide guidance to achieve the type of accommodation which suits according to your needs.

The remarkable services of Roof360 has been made possible through the dedication and talent of our executives and staff, the high quality of our service, and the achievements has made us a name in the real estate world.

The most basic definition of real estate is "an interest in land" and we make sure anybody interested in a piece of land get their own with our expert guidance and service. It is said that success rides on time. We at Roof360 respect time and energy of our clients and make sure every second is used for the purpose of achieving for what they come to us.

Our role is to ultimately enabling them to achieve their dream shelter. In addition to our personalized services we keep updating our database for the investors, buyers and sellers to browse through our extensive database hence making it easier for the clients to select the most suitable property for their requirement.

Roof360 Estates strongly believes in providing the highest level of real estate solution and advice to all its clients. We are with our clients in every step of process be it buying, selling or renting to give the right answers.

Our professional team assists the clients in locating perfect property/s and makes the entire process of Buying, Selling and Renting enjoyable and hassle free. The company is known for its hard work, integrity and professionalism. Our focus is always on providing excellent real estate solutions to individual and corporate clients.






Mohammed Munawar
Founder, Managing Director  
Cell: +91 9845022178 
Email: munawar@roof360.in
Syed Nizamuddin 
Founder, Chief Operating Officer 
Cell: +91 9845923788
Imran Pasha
Email: Contact@roof360.in
Cell: +91 9845888830
Mohammed Ahmed
Email: Contact@roof360.in
Cell: 8550089818